Meet Our Hair Stylists Figo Salon in Bath, Corsham & Keynsham

Bath, Corsham & Keynsham's dedicated, passionate team of hair stylists

Our team have an honest and caring approach supported by a wealth of experience and technical know-how, giving us the ability to create a style that is right for your hair and lifestyle. We want you to feel good about your hair and endeavor to give you confidence of knowing how to maintain your style at home.

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(Bath, Corsham, Keynsham)

Giuseppe established Figo in 2003. His particular strengths are short hair, sophisticated mid-length styles, and naturally curly hair. After 30 years of experience, Giuseppe truly loves his job and fully appreciates his tremendously loyal clientele.

He has a positive outlook on life and loves to listen to his clients' stories and fun experiences. He is more than happy to share some of his own.

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Hayley has worked at Figo almost from our beginning. She has developed and perfected her skills to become a versatile and talented hairdresser. She works well with her clients to achieve fabulously natural results in colouring. Hayley loves to create a look that is tailored to her clients’ particular needs and easy to maintain at home. Hayley's clients adore her instantly likable nature, discreet, calm manner and her less is more approach. She will give you the relaxing experience most of us look for in a hairdresser.

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(Bath & Keynsham)

Jess enjoys the excitement and creativity that the hairdressing world brings.

She keenly watches trend development and loves to realise a restyle and a vibrant hair colour. Jess is a colour transformation specialist. A real people person, Jess is a good listener and always works well with her client to achieve great results.

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Veronica is a young, passionate hairdresser who enjoys mastering new techniques and hair-up styles.

Veronica offers a complete range of women's and men's hairdressing. She is an excellent colourist and a balayage specialist. Veronica has a natural talent in hairdressing and handles thick hair with ease. She is a blow-dry queen.



Zack works alongside us at our Bath salon. If you would like to make an appointment with Zack please contact him directly on 07947679315

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Eva is our apprentice hairdresser.

She describes hairdressing as her passion. She is training under the mentorship of our own styling team and the local college. If you would like to be a hair model for Eva's training, please get in touch.



Sandra works alongside us at our Keynsham salon. If you would like to make an appointment with Sandra please contact her directly on 07846765934.

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Rachel trained in Fashion Design and worked within Fashion Retail, she then established Figo with Giuseppe in 2003. She looks after the salon and everything behind the scenes. She loves a chat and has a strong passion for being involved in the hairdressing industry.